The Problem

Today is Saturday, March 19, 2011. I went to Craigslist in Durham, NC and clicked on "casual encounters." Of the first 10 posts with pictures, 6 had full frontal nudity. One had partial nudity. Two were seductive but not pronographic. Only one was actually a pictue of a person's face. There are fewer nude pictures in the dating ads, but there are still several pornographic pictures there as well. While you have to click a button saying that you are older than 18 to see these ads, there is no other age verification whatsoever. While Craigslist has cleaned up their site quite a bit, there is still readily accessible pornography for internet browsers of any age.

Several other websites are even worse than Craigslist., another popular free online classifieds ad, has an "adult section." As with Craigslist, there is no age verification other than the user clicking a button to claim they are over 18 years of age. Under "adult section" backpage lists "escorts, adult jobs, strippers" and more.

We created AlternaList because we wanted a clean, family-friendly, online classifieds community. We promise to actively enforce a zero tolerance policy regarding those who use online classifieds for prostitution, adultery, or pornography. Even one report of abuse will immediately and instantly remove an ad from view. There is no massage section because prostitutes are known to impersonate masseuses. If we eventually include a masseuse section, only masseuses with a verified, active license in Massage and Body Work Therapy will be allowed.

We do not allow dating ads, adult service ads, or other "personals."

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at Admin@AlternaList.Us

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